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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Awesome Laptop Table That Is Used on The bed

While shopping around for some laptop tables, I came across where I was able to to find just about every kind of table bed that there is to offer on the market.

Some are light weight, fold-able types that would be great for storage or travel. Others are more of a platform, but the problem is they don't let any air underneath the notebook book.

Most of these look pretty stable for keeping the laptop from moving around while typing plus they supply some air flow underneath to prevent overheating.

Some even come with a built in fan and some others could be used for table use, when sitting at the desk or living room table.

The site also has some really cool stands for the iPad I want one even though I don't have an iPad ...Yet !!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Optimizing Title Length-SEO Search Engine Rankings

Are the title lengths of your blog posts or website articles you have written optimized for Google search engine rankings? Well there are a few tips you might consider when choosing a good title to help improve the search engine placement of the articles written.

One is by choosing a good quality title with relevant keywords to the content written in the post or article. Much of the information that the Google SERP's use during a search for a term or keyword is the title. If you have ever done a search you will see that the sites that come up on page 1 are the keywords for the search query.

Doing some quick research on keywords that relevant to the information you are providing can help increase the amount of traffic to your blog post or website. This article written about the proven ways to choose the best title and title length to optimize page ranking with search engines then read more here....SEO Best Title Search Engine Placement Length 4 Search Engine Company

Another helpful article to gain more traffic is....Title Length And Search Engine Rankings | Search Engine Specialist Tip

The reasons for having a good title length is that of the amount of traffic will increase by choosing a good keyword title. This just one of the little secrets many blog writers and website webmasters forget about.